satv milk

When it comes to consuming a daily product, we surely don’t want to compromise. When it comes to what our kids consume, yet again you don’t want to compromise however;…
we were satisfied with the dairy products that our household has been buying earlier. And then when we met Monica who introduced Satv Dairy to us. And trust me, it has redefined the dairy available in the market today. Right from the A2 milk that is needed everyday to paneer to ghee or the traditional white butter. We are more than happy and satisfied. There products are absolutely pure and natural. I highly recommended their products and wish these guys all the best. Satv products allow you to indulge in guilt-free food and it is delivered right to your doorstep!!! Excellent stuff guys.

Megha H Johnson | Rosewood, Gurgaon |
Co-Founder Red Carpet Entertainers

Most genuine and pure dairy products that I have come across. I tried many other brands, but the quality of products offered by Satv is incomparable...
I can personally vouch for the purity and genuineness of milk supplied by them. They offer variety of packages which are total value for money as it includes paneer, ghee and other dairy products along with milk. Please keep up the good work. And I hope in future they come up with more products.

Dr Isha | Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
Dr Isha Dental & Implant Center

What I like is consistency in quality. It’s not like 3 din kharaab hain to chalta hain. Everyday, we get good quality milk. Love the barfi and mirch ka achaar...
I love the the way how everything is kept natural, like only gur ka khand is used in making barfi/ halwa.

Abhishek Verma | Palam Vihar, Gurgaon
Vertical Head – Sales at Hotstar

Best Quality dairy products served with a great attitude. Trust is the bottom line of Satv.

Mr Ashish Aggarwal | La lagoon, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Director, Ashcon Projects Pvt Ltd

Their credibility comes from a very different level- not fame or fortune, but trust!
Satv Dairy is the best thing to have happened to us amidst the hustle- bustle of Gurugram. With pure tasty milk, ghee, paneer, organic products especially lassi take me back to my village .The earthy taste and truly healthy, natural and organic stuff is worth it. It’s the best thing that I could do for my dairy loving family of four. The Sunday goodies are like the icing on cake. I heartily congratulate team Satv for their passion, vision and services. Keep up the good work. U keep us attached to our roots... Happy & satisfied customers.

Monika & Swastik
(proud parents of Devyana & Aradhana)

When milk takes you down the memory lane and connects you back to your roots
For me, Satv is not just a dairy. It is about good old memories and an emotional reconnection with my mother's home. Even in Jind, I could never find the same taste and eventually, I stopped dairy. When we got shifted to Gurgaon, we were looking for a dairy vendor. After all the good reviews from a family friend, we thought of trying Satv products. It is like something you were craving for and had lost hope and then you get it at the least expected place like Gurgaon. I have started drinking milk again after almost 25 years. Same aroma, same taste which I used to have at my mother's home and I just cannot survive without their bilona buttermilk.

Mrs Sunita Chahal (Indian Cricketer, Yuzvendra Chahal’s Mother)
South City-1, Gurgaon
Sunita chahal
Vineet Ghalian

Your Love made it clear that we are on the right track OUR TRUE “BRAND AMBASSADORS”
In these modern times, Dairy business is heavily commercialized and getting Pure Dairy products from happy animals is a hard find. So, we even tried plant-based milk products , but it was incomplete. Then came Satv team through a satisfied customer referral. Now with Satv, it’s like having your personal dairy farm with guarantee of purity and authentic traditional taste of milk and by products. We are delighted with the traditional taste of village dairy products and excellent service, hygiene level of Satv team.

Vineet Ghalian
Director at Blueshield Secure.

When you become a part of their routine- our DAILY CONNECTION
Satv Dairy means my daily dose of happiness. My family is settled in Canada and I stay here alone. Basically, my day starts with Satv milk and I feel so relaxed that atleast dairy component of my diet is pure and nutritious. I take the buttermilk to office and I really enjoy the authentic flavor. White Makhan makes the Sunday special. Just love it.

Amit Chahal
Director at TNS Networking Solution Pvt Ltd
Amit Chahal
Harsh Rana

THEY SAY ‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.’ What goes in your mouth matters.
I choose Satv Dairy because I choose health. Being an athlete, I require more protein and calories than a normal person. I am a pure vegetarian, so, my main source of protein comes from milk. I cannot go wrong here and I want my milk to be pure, free of adulteration and rich in quality. I had stopped drinking milk because I never liked the taste. I thought it's better to quit dairy rather than having adulterated one. But then, I had a chance of tasting Satv Dairy milk at my cousin's place and the taste instantly had me hooked. My mom says quality is just like what she used to have at her grandparent's home. So, build your immunity and increase your lifespan like your grandparents.

Harsh Rana
Golfer & Fitness Enthusiast

Memories warm you up from inside- Moments of happiness
Since I have started using all your dairy products like milk, dahi, ghee, lassi, butter etc. I have realised that "aaj ke time mei bhi Gurgaon jaise shaher mei itni achi quality ke products milna"... feels like too good to be true. I have started cherishing my childhood days specially my visit to grandparent’s village and taste of milk.

Mrs Naraini
South city -1

My Biggest concern when it comes to dairy became the healthiest and biggest blessing with Satv…
CONCERN – My kids never like to take milk easily and happily. I need to bribe and run after them all the time to make them have it. I was really worried being a mother and couldn’t accept that they were avoiding milk as its a complete food and very essential for them. I always wanted that my children should drink milk at least 2 times if not 3 times a day. But I failed.
SOLUTION – However; after joining hands with Satv foods, my life became smooth and easy as my kids starting taking milk. Initially it was difficult for me but now they love to drink milk because of its creamy taste. Sometimes they actually finish it in one go. My biggest worry got solved so effortlessly.
Also, everything is so accessible and so comfortable as we receive it on-time at our door step. Our day starts with having something pure and healthy.
SATISFACTION – I believe satisfaction is the key to a healthy mind and happiness in life. I really feel satisfied as the daily requirement of Calcium, Potassium & Magnesium in children have been met. These minerals play a significant role in the growth of bones and teeth. I appreciate and thank team Satv for taking up this initiative and giving my family a healthy life.

Jaya Chawla | Nirvana- Gurgaon